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Diamond Edgeâ„¢ Wheel & Metal Dressing

Diamond Edgeâ„¢ Wheel & Metal Dressing

Diamond Edge Wheel & Metal Dressing is suitable for all metals.

Diamond Edge is a very light polish along with wax/sealer. It works great on lacquered wheels, painted wheels, and powder coated wheels as well.

You’ve worked hard to get your wheels looking like new with Killer Chrome, but how do you keep them that way? Diamond Edge Wheel & Metal Dressing.

With three stages of cleaning, polishing and long-lasting protection going on, it puts the final diamond edge on your polished wheels. If you think your wheels are shiny now, apply some Diamond Edge and stand back. You’ll think you’re in a fun house of mirrors by the way reflections are shining and bouncing off your wheels.

Get the most brilliant shine possible with Diamond Edge Wheel & Metal Dressing.

Surf City Garage's Detailing Tip:
Diamond Edge gives your wheels that “just out of the box look.” But when your wheels are dull or tarnished, your first step should always be Killer Chrome, Maximum Metal or Absolutely Aluminium Perfect Polish.

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