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Beyond Clay® Paint Polish 8oz

Beyond Clay® Paint Polish

Like a Paint Job in a Bottle!

Before you get that new paint job costing thousands of pounds, restore your faded paint with Beyond Clay.

This revolutionary polish does everything a clay bar does and beyond! Plus it's 100% safe for all surfaces, even clear coats.

Don’t waste money on clay bars. You don’t need them when you use Beyond Clay. Beyond Clay is a paint polish that does not contain harsh physical abrasives like many polishes out there.

This product is intended to be used with a machine buffer and foam pads depending on the aggression of the pad (example: cutting pad, polishing pad, finishing pad), you will see the product works in different ways.

The reason why this product was developed in such a manner was so that you do not need several different “compounds/polishes” that have different amounts of abrasives to get different jobs done.

Beyond Clay is one bottle of product that will serve several different purposes. An aggressive pad will remove scratches/swirls/surface contaminants. A less aggressive pad will simply polish your paint to a “show car” shine.

It does way more than a clay bar has ever dreamed of doing: restores faded paint to a factory gloss and removes swirl marks, light scratches and surface contaminants.

Got tough water spots that are determined to stain your car forever? Gets rid of those too. Use it with no fear of damage because Beyond Clay is 100% safe for all surfaces. Fold a clay bar a few times and you’re grinding contaminants into your paint instead of getting rid of them. Not with Beyond Clay. You'll never buy a clay bar again. Guaranteed.

  • Removes surface contaminants
    Removes overspray
    Removes surface oxidation
    Removes swirl marks
    Removes light scratches
    Deep cleans and polishes paint
    Restores faded paint to original gloss

See You Tube link on how this product works.

8oz bottle

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