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Shine On Sealer & Glaze System

Shine On Sealer & Glaze System

Package:-1-16oz Nano Seal Protective Coat, 1-16oz Nano Shine Glaze

Your car shines like it did in the showroom. That’s a good thing, but it’s not the best. For the absolute hands-down brightest, longest-lasting shine possible, you need the Shine On Package. Shine On contains two of the most innovative products for car paint on the market.

First, Nano Seal Protective Coat seals all of the light-stealing pores in your paint to maximize the shine. It reflects light and protects the paint.

Next, Nano Glaze Gloss Coat takes even a great shine to a whole new level. You will never see a brighter or more glass-like mirror-finish on a car than when it’s finished with Shine On.

Surf City Garage's Detailing Tip:
For the ultimate show car gloss, use our Shine On Sealer and Glaze System. Follow Nano Seal with Nano Glaze to actually amplify that mirror-like gloss. Then maintain that gloss by periodically misting with Speed Demon Wax.

Be sure to apply Nano Seal Protective Coat by hand - do NOT use a buffer.

See You Tube link for demo of product

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