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Rotary Revs D585-R Coil upgrade

Drop an email to with D585-R in the subject line and we will email you as soon as these coils are available

Call us on 07707 085756

So what can ProjectRX8 do for you?

We offer:

Key and fob programming. (click here)

Rotary Hot Compression testing at our worksop near Harlow, Essex.
Servicing and repairs on all makes but our first love is the RX8, closely followed by it's sexy smaller sister the MX5.

Engine Rebuilds (click here)

Used parts: The list is ever changing, just give us a call to see if we have what YOU need.

Seafoam: This isn't a miracle cure but in addition to it's benefits for piston engines has been found to have major benefits for low compression rotary engines.

Detailing products: Through our association with Surf City Garage we are able to offer some of the easiest to use detailing products available. I love my car to look good but I really don't have the patience to spend hours detailing it. If that sounds like you then Surf City Garage products are for you! Take a look in the shop

Mods: Not everyone likes or needs the same thing but we can handle most mods, from fitting uprated suspension to fitting a lightened flywheel. Call us to discuss your needs.

We also realise that people lead busy lives and we can arrange to work on your car at a time to suit you.