My car was bought from Mazda under their ˜Approved Used" scheme in August 2010.

Under the scheme, according to Mazdas website. The warranty covers "It would be easier to ask what's not covered. Apart from routine service items like tyres, brake pads and discs, as well as any parts requiring repair or replacement due to normal wear and tear or age, your Approved Used Mazda has unlimited mileage protection against breakdown and repair"

According to Mazda an engine failure at 60,000 is normal wear and tear.

But on to the car killers at Romford Mazda.
Six - eight weeks after I bought the car I took it back because of lack of power and poor start when warm. Romford Mazda said it was an HT lead come off and it seemed ok for a little while.

Approx November 2010 I took it back again because of the poor start when warm. Romford Mazda carried out a compression test but I now know I wasn't given the proper results. Eventually they told me it was "about 5 bar"

Early 2011 I took it back once again for poor start when warm and they fitted a new catalytic converter and coolant tank under warranty.

This time I was told that the compression was 5 Bar at 210rpm and that this was normal but this is only typed freehand on a job card, it's not a proper compression test print out (as I now know what a proper compression result looks like and that this was well below spec)

I tested the coils as per the service manual and one was out of spec so I jumped on my Bike and went down there, they refused to test the coils unless they were on the car, one of them said "I hope you know which coil goes where as they are different for leading/trailing. I told him the part numbers where the same so did he mean they routinely put failing coils on the trailing side where they wouldn't be noticed so much. He wasn't happy and told me not to go back there if I didn't like it. I put the coils back on (with the bad one at L1) and took the car in. They fitted one new one under warranty. I know they actually did this because I marked them all with a UV pen. I went straight to Petit Racing Specialist (not far from me) and bought 3 more plus spark plugs just in case.

Late august , back again for poor start, after 2 weeks approx they rang and said the problem was compression and the warranty wouldn't cover it. As, having researched the problem I knew I was being fobbed off I told them that as they had been trying to fix this for about 10 months I was rejecting the car and wanted my money back. Chris (Romford Mazda Service Manager) asked me to hold off while he talked to Armajit (Dealer Principal) and he rang me back the next day. He said they would re-build the engine as they wanted it "to be right for me" but it would take a while as they had to get parts from Japan as "we can't just order them from MRP" A lie, they buy bits off Clive (Mazda Rotary Parts) all the time.

Weeks later they said the car was ready but had developed a coolant leak and they were waiting for a gasket. Then it was Chris' wife was having a baby, then a new oil metering pump then a final compression test. I was told that the test showed less than 5.5 Bar on both rotors. I wasn't happy with this result but let them convince me that the compression would improve 'once it got some miles on it.

Eventually, when I got the car back they told me it had a new battery and starter motor.

The mileage at this point was 61600 approx, so I had actually managed 6K miles in just over a year.

I asked Chris (service manager) about running in and he said just drive it normally. When I queried that he said he would ask Clive (MRP). I told him not to bother and rang Clive myself. On Clive's advice I limited it to 5000 rpm for the first 1000 miles then the plan was to gradually increase over the next 500 miles to max revs.

The oil was supposedly changed by RM at 500 miles and the plan was to change it again myself at 1500.

After approximately 1400 miles the engine failed. Romford Mazda told me that the eccentric shaft has snapped and it has nothing to do with the work they supposedly carried out.

Romford Mazda's reaction has been that they never rebuilt the engine (so they lied to me about that), they only replaced the Apex seals and anyway they only sorted the hot start and nothing is their fault. They said I shouldn't have accepted the car back with poor compression (I didn't know how much under spec it was at the time as I was never given the results) and even tried to blame Clive (MRP) because he said that the compression would improve as it was run in.

They told me the e shaft was broken in two and at the time it broke the engine was producing 78% power.

Getting no help whatsoever from Mazda UK I arranged for the car to go to Haywards for a rebuild. I was present, and took photo’s as the engine was removed and dismantled.

This is the first evidence we saw of Romford Mazda's engineering abilities:

Obviously they didn't have a socket to fit.

It gets worse.There is a bit in the rebuild manual that says:

Spacer Assembly Note

When assembling the spacer, do not allow the spacer to be caught in the needle bearing of the plate.
Perform eccentric shaft end play inspection

Perform eccentric shaft end play inspection"

If the spacer is caught this is what happens

That used to be a needle roller bearing like this:

And lets not forget the pinched oil seal:

Of course (according to Romford Mazda) none of this was their fault because they only replaced the apex seals. Quite how they managed that without disassembling the engine we haven't been able to discover.